• Rev. Kip Banks, Sr., East Washington Heights Baptist Church
  • Rev. Scott Benhase. Above, Rev. Jered Weber-Johnson blesses rooftop solar panels, St. Alban's Episcopal Church
  • Nadia Janjua, DC Green Muslims. Above, Julie Bruns, Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, testifies against a proposed coal plant.
  • Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Keiner. Above, Rev. Rob Hardies blesses bikes (and riders) at All Souls Church, Unitarian.
  • Members of Tikkun Leil Shabbat and DC Green Muslims discuss the film <em>Renewal</em>
  • Director Joelle Novey. Members of local congregations at a vigil on the National Mall.

Our Mission

is to help hundreds of congregations of all faiths across Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia to save energy, go green, and respond to climate change.

We Are

part of a network of Interfaith Power & Light groups across the country.


we are building a national religious response to the climate crisis.

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Recent News

2014 is our…

Green leaders in congregations are the heart and hands of the work we do, and we’re committed to supporting and celebrating that good work this year. So we’re calling 2014 — our tenth anniversary year — the Year of the Green Sheep! Here’s what’s coming up:

Monthly Webinars

We’re gathering the local green leader community each month online for a training on a community organizing skill or a green initiative. Expect a a unique time to “meet”, hear from, ask questions of, and connect with green leaders.

Upcoming webinar:
“Speaking Out, Faithfully”
Thursday, April 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Click here to register!

What does it mean for our congregations to not only educate about climate change in our communities and operate our facilities in a green way, but also to speak out as a public voice for climate justice? What does it look like when people of faith are called to advocate in the public square for the well-being of all people, all living beings, and our planet?

On our April Green Sheep webinar, we’ll hear about why it’s critical for congregations include environmental advocacy among their green initiatives, and how they can make the biggest impact.

Office Hours

Whether you’ve just started taking leadership at your congregation or you’re well into a decade of hard work, we want to help with whatever project you’re implementing or whatever problem you’re facing. Spend time 1-on-1 in person or by phone with our director, Joelle, who brings years of experience helping green leaders work with their congregation.

Upcoming office hours:
Tuesday, April 8 at La Madeleine in Bethesda, MD

Email Elizabeth at program@gwipl.org to book a time with Joelle now!

Our 2014 Lenten Carbon Fast Calendar is up!

Lent is a time to repent, reflect, sacrifice, and listen for God. This year, have your congregation join with many others in taking on a Lenten Carbon “Fast.” May this season serve as a wake-up call to be mindful of the ways that our daily choices impact everyone, especially people living in poverty. Each of these actions will reduce our production of climate pollution and help to preserve God’s great gift of Creation.

Please click on the image or here for the full calendar. Then right click and Save As to download.

Support Wind Power & Save Money with the Community Power Program!

Live in DC or Maryland? Pay your home’s energy bills and looking for a clean energy supplier? Join with Caring Neighbors to Support 100% Clean Energy!

Interfaith Power & Light is gathering folks in congregations to join a group that’s purchasing clean energy together!

Caring folks who pay an electricity bill to Pepco, BGE, or Potomac Edison have the opportunity to choose where their electricity comes from, but navigating the many suppliers can be overwhelming. The Community Power Program for Homes provides a vendor-neutral process that uses your collective buying power to negotiate lower prices and better contracts for the electricity that powers all of our homes and apartments — together.

Last year, over 100 folks from local religious communities joined our clean energy group purchase to lock in rates that were 16% lower than if they had purchased clean energy on their own. Join us this spring to make the next group purchase even bigger!

Interested in joining? Sign up now to receive information about this spring’s clean energy buying group!

Click here for FAQs about the program.

Host a free Home Energy Workshop in your congregation

Through partnerships with Civic Works’ Retrofit Baltimore and LEAP-Virginia, we can bring our popular and practical home energy workshops to your congregation.

Learn how you can save energy, help create green jobs, and shrink your carbon footprint at the same time!

We’ll reflect on our own responsibility as people of faith to consider the impact of our electricity use.

Your community will have a chance to hear the story of how our electricity is made, to explore practical steps for saving energy in your home, and about Groundswell, Civic Works’ Retrofit Baltimore, or LEAP-Virginia, local organizations that are working to help homeowners save energy and create good green jobs at the same time.

To schedule a home energy workshop at your congregation:

In the Baltimore area, programassociate@gwipl.org
In Northern Virginia, program@gwipl.org