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Community Power Program for Congregations

We partner with Groundswell to invite congregations in DC and Maryland to join together with community organizations and use their purchasing power to secure the best contracts with the lowest prices for 100% clean energy. Over 200 congregations, faith institutions, and community organizations have participated and saved over $800,000.

Want your congregation to join the clean energy movement by purchasing 100% clean energy?

To sign up: email your name and the name of your congregation to karen@gwipl.org. Can’t make a webinar but want to learn more? Email karen@gwipl.org for a Starter Guide!

Community Power Program for Homes

Community Power Program for Homes takes the same basic principle as Community Power Program for Organizations and gives that same purchasing power to residential customers. Anyone who pays an electricity bill in DC or Maryland can join with hundreds of caring neighbors to create a clean energy buying group and secure the best prices for clean energy. Together with Groundswell, we completed our first round in Fall 2013 and successfully provided over 500 folks with rates for 100% wind energy that were lower than what they would pay for dirty energy.

Want to receive info about the next round of our clean energy bulk purchase? Complete this form and we’ll be in touch!


Once electricity generated by a wind farm is placed on the grid, it is indistinguishable from electricity generated by a coal-fired plant. So energy customers who wish to support wind and solar power can do so by purchasing renewable energy certificates, also known as “RECs.”

The day is coming soon when government incentives and shifting market forces will bring the cost of generating zero-carbon power below the cost of burning coal for power. But until then, buying RECs allows customers to help renewable energy projects by making up the difference between the “grid price” of 1,000 kilowatt hours of power and the slightly higher price of renewably generating that same quantity power.

Purchasing RECs doesn’t directly change anything about what is coming into your outlets, but it is a powerful way of displacing dirty power production by helping to place renewably generated energy on the grid.